Productivity and Agility


↗ Because we know there are simple tools and practices that help optimize teams 'and managers' (productivity) operations,

↗ Because we know - quite well - that it is difficult to invest time in the research, analysis and validation of effective methods to increase productivity in the business, i.e. to introduce added value  and
increased competitiveness,

↗ Because we know well the demanding reality of company life and that their business routines prevent them from having the time and the impartial vision to properly analyze, (re) design and develop their processes (agility),

↗ Our contribution is to find innovative ways of organization, management and evolution for the business. To this goal, we have invested over the past few years in the search for and validation, testing and implementation, of new approaches and tools that have proven to be those which obtain better results in companies.


   ↗ Testing and integration of innovative methods and tools that accelerate the process of obtaining results;

   ↗ Reduction of resources (human and time) in the accomplishment of its operations, thus allowing a re-prioritization of the same;

   ↗ Greater streamlining of processes and activities;

   ↗ Increased focus on results, not on the process of accomplishing routine tasks;

   ↗ Focus on analysis and decision making, to the detriment of the concern for the extensive "to do list" daily.


↗ Introduction of Gamification in Organizations - Brace Gamification

↗ Integrated project management:

   ↗ Engagement Management


   ↗ Project Management / Control

↗ Productivity with Microsoft Office 365 (and SharePoint), desmaterializing the "office" and business:

   ↗ MS Outlook: sharing of calendars; Shared team tasks; Structured processes / business categories;

   ↗ Intranet: team work sites (eg, in company-specific projects or activities);

   ↗ Office: no PC; Web App; Mobile (Excel, Word, PowerPoint);

   ↗ Documents in the Cloud: accessed, altered and managed by the various elements of the team;

   ↗ Differentiated access in real time.

↗ Process analysis and development of organizations

↗ (Creativity &) Innovation in companies / SMEs (with or without NP 4457 standard):

   ↗ Product / service innovation

   ↗ Marketing Innovation

   ↗ Organizational Innovation

   ↗ Process Innovation

↗ Sales methodology and techniques (Method 4 Bracing)

↗ Quality management systems and practices (ISO 9001: 2015)

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