About Bracing

We are a business advising firm
in the areas of
strategy and management
delivering 100% personalized advising to business owners and managers.

We are specialists focused
on the growth and expansion of companies: Strategic Design.

Since 2007 we have been focusing on
clients' sustainability.

About Bracing
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David Cardoso

David Cardoso
CEO / Founder

Specialist in the growth and expansion of companies, has focused his activity on personalized advice to companies and entrepreneurs, namely: # reflection, analysis and strategic planning; # creativity and innovation (idea capturing and management, including NP4457 implementation projects); # strategic management also with Balanced Scorecard/KPI; # control management; # internationalization of companies and organizations.

Holds a degree in Business Management (Instituto Superior de Gestão),  Business Advisor to the management of several SMEs in the area of business strategy and management.

Was Executive Director (Management and Innovation Areas / SGIDI) and Manager of Business Areas in SMEs, Project Manager, Trainer and Coach (of executives in large Organizations), Consultant and Project Coordinator in several SMEs / large Organizations, such as Galp Energia, Brisa, CUF - Industrial Chemicals, Bluebird, Webcomum, Greenmed, Noesis, ADP - Portugal Fertilizers, among others.

Expert speaker and guest lecturer in the themes of Business Strategy and Management, Innovation, Balanced Scorecard and Entrepreneurship in several universities, organizations and business centers.

Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/davidmcardoso

Daniel Pina Cabral

Daniel Pina Cabral
CO-CEO and Partner

As Senior Advisor at BRACING, has focused his activity on the Personalized Advice to companies and entrepreneurs, namely: # reflection, analysis and organizational planning; # management of creativity and innovation (idea capturing and management, including the NP4457 norm); # strategic management; control management# process management and improvement (ISO 9001: 2015; BPMN 2.0); # project management (Engagement management and project control).

Holds a degree in Chemical Engineering from the Faculty of Engineering of the University of Porto (FEUP-UP) and is an adviser to the leadership of several SMEs in the areas of planning and organization, strategy and business management and processes.

Was Director of Compliance and Human Resources at Banco L. J. Carregosa, S.A .; Consultant to the Ministry and Minister of National Defense and of the Portuguese Armed Forces; Coordinator-Head of a Consulting Project in the Human Resources area of the Hospital Center of Gaia / Espinho, Dr. Eduardo Santos Silva; Head of Departments of Human Resources and of Logistics at Huntsman Performance Products Inc .; Responsible for the Training Area at the Iberian level and Responsible for the BP & C / Projects Department (Business Planning & Control / Project Management) of the Swiss multinational CIBA Specialty Chemicals, Inc.

He is a guest lecturer at the Portuguese Catholic University (UCP) and at the Instituto Universitário da Maia (ISMAI). He is one of the Directors of a non-profit Cultural Association in Malhadas, Miranda do Douro; Active member in the promotion and upgrowth of the Mirandese Bagpipe (Gaita-de-Foles Mirandesa) and founding member of Confraria Atlântica do Chá, in Oporto. Specialist trainer in the theme of Tea.

Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/pinacabral

Pedro Pimenta

Pedro Pimenta

With a strong spirit of exploring new frontiers, innovation, "bridge builder", support and guidance of people, Pedro Pimenta is part of the BRACING team, challenging it to think not only outside but beyond “the box”.

A graduate in Chemical Engineering from the Faculty of Engineering of the University of Porto, the research and later PhD in Process Control also by that University, were the first steps in exploring the frontier between such different areas as: chemical engineering, control, mathematic and computers. With an academic route of 20 years teaching algorithms and programming and links between information systems and teaching / learning processes (e-learning, b-learning), adoption and construction of web work platforms for the development of people and organizations Masters / PhD studies in 6 different higher education institutions); and appreciation of students' transversal competences, fundamental for their employability, Pedro Pimenta has a spirit of permanent search for differentiating solutions that can be truly valued by BRACING customers.

In recent years he has strengthened his experience in the orientation of technology and services in the social economy sector and the operationalization of international contacts and knowledge sharing programs in the areas of promoting employability (young students) and mentoring (young entrepreneurs).



We act per a behavior based on VALUES that are intrinsic to us. It's our DNA.

CUSTOMIZATION - Each intervention is unique. We put all our focus on its’ specificities.

TRANSPARENCY - We know that Transparency is a powerful engine of business growth, and we are intrinsically transparent in our approach!

INNOVATION - There is no certainty in a business future. Only innovation can guarantee the sustained continuity of the business project.

CONFIDENCE - Trust is the pillar of business relationships. We are committed to long-term relationships based on the demonstration of our skills.

VALUING PEOPLE - Companies are made of People. We value each and every one whom we interact with.

SHARING KNOWLEDGE - Stopped knowledge dies and in the age of the Internet this is globally available to everyone. We share with our clients the know-how they need, specifically for their companies.

Social Responsability

Social Responsability

BRACING, in terms of its Social Responsibility, selectively supports the 3rd sector, knowing and believing in its impact in the development of local communities and the economy of the country.

In 2009 we started our own social brand targeted at provinding key skills and expertise, shared between the Business Sector and the 3rd Sector (Shared Value). 

In addition to some projects and social organizations we have been following, since 2009, in terms of the Shared Value we have been supporting the project CAIS RECICLA, in which we place our full trust and commitment, placing at its disposal our know-how, knowledge and resources.

Não há nada mais próximo da insanidade que fazer a mesma coisa sempre da mesma forma e esperar resultados diferentes

Albert Einstein

Life is but the art of drawing sufficient conclusions from insufficient premises

Samuel Butler

Progressive improvement beats delayed perfection.

Mark Twain

The best way to predict the future is to create it

Peter Drucker

By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.

Benjamin Franklin

Não basta ter força de vontade. É preciso ter vontade de fazer força!


I have been impressed with the urgency of doing. Knowing is not enough. We must apply. Being willing is not enough. We must do.

Leonardo da Vinci


As specialists focused on the growth and expansion of companies,

we have developed our work in essential support areas

that guarantee the sustainability of your business:

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BRACING never prepares generalist interventions. Our service proposals are always prepared according to specific needs of each company.

Together we achieve your goals. Contact Us

Clients - References

Through a consistent approach to the market and in close dialogue with our clients we are 100% focused on the sustainability of their results:

↗ We create conditions for sustained growth in emerging companies, new business units and startups;

↗ We create and set conditions for the
sustained business development of companies undergoing expansion or accelerated growth, both national and internationally;

↗ We are the support in the
consolidation of companies’ business strategy particularly those that require advise in terms of BRACING’s areas of specialization.



Presidente e CEO da Bluebird, S.A.

Na atividade diária das empresas dificilmente encontramos tempo para trabalharmos a sua construção, enquanto negócio e organização, por não conseguirmos olhar de uma perspetiva exterior e ver o quanto se pode melhorar.
Trabalhar com a Bracing obrigou a encontrar esse tempo e, muito mais importante, pelo debate e interação apoiados nas ferramentas que utilizam, a construir planos de ação concretos para os objetivos que entretanto se determinaram.
Foi um exercício fundamental.

António Duarte

António Duarte

Sócio-gerente da Easy Connect, Lda.

A Easy Connect está no mercado há mais de 14 anos com uma parceria de sucesso com as telecomunicações no entanto gere uma força de vendas com 40 pessoas no momento e isso é um desafio constante.
É exatamente assim que vemos a Bracing e a parceria que desenvolvemos… uma união de sinergias no sentido de potenciar a empresa, de dotar a nossa equipa de competências fulcrais na gestão de pessoas, na reestruturação de processos pois só dessa forma conseguiremos liderar o mercado das telecomunicações em Portugal.
As sessões da Bracing foram bastante úteis e produtivas sendo que a característica que consigo realçar desde logo é a capacidade de adequação às necessidades dos clientes, dado que com escasso conhecimento da nossa área de negócio conseguiram dar-nos inputs bastante válidos e “ao invés de nos dar o peixe, ensinar-nos a pescar”.
Por último cabe-me agradecer ao David e ao Daniel, personificando a Bracing, pela disponibilidade e por trabalharem com tanto afinco e dedicação para se tornarem “dispensáveis”

Paulo Carvalho Alves

Paulo Carvalho Alves

Sócio-gerente da CSB, Lda.

À Bracing apresentamos o nosso profundo agradecimento, pelo empenho, dedicação e sobretudo pelo vosso interesse na nossa empresa. Hoje somos com certeza uma empresa diferente e mais sólida! Muito Obrigado!

Armando Barbosa

Armando Barbosa

Fundador do Projeto The Walkabout Family

Em 14 anos de carreira artística na área da música tenho trabalhado com muitas pessoas e muitos parceiros, alguns da área artística, outros, de outras áreas. Trabalhar com a BRACING CONSULTING foi uma experiência única pelo sentido de profissionalismo da equipa mas sobretudo pela capacidade de compreensão das necessidades e desafios da THE WALKABOUT FAMILY, enquanto parceira e do cliente para quem fornecemos o serviço. A dedicação e entrega da BRACING CONSULTING são únicas e fazem a diferença no momento da escolha de um parceiro!

Rodrigo Viterbo

Rodrigo Viterbo

Responsável do Negócio Social CAIS Recicla, da Associação CAIS

A parceria com a Bracing levou a CAIS Recicla a desenvolver e consolidar a ideia enquanto modelo de negócio,

definindo e desenvolvendo a estratégia financeira e comercial.

Reposicionou a CAIS Recicla e melhorou o impacto do product placement, auscultando as necessidades do mercado e

percebendo de que forma poderíamos expandir e melhorar a nossa marca, ganhando

visibilidade junto aos parceiros e criando valor à marca.

Obrigada David

Obrigada Daniel

Cláudia Fernandes

Cláudia Fernandes

Sócio-gerente da Culto de BI, Lda.

Conhecer a Bracing foi um dos marcos mais Importantes da Culto de BI no ano de 2014. Foram, e são, sem qualquer duvida, para além de parceiros de excelência, um ombro amigo que me permitiram crescer como pessoa e como gestor de uma empresa que atingiu num curto período de tempo cerca de 30 clientes nacionais e internacionais.

Pedro Perfeito

Pedro Perfeito

Sócio-gerente da Hospifarma

À Bracing, na pessoa do Dr. David e do Eng. Daniel tem sido uma parceira essencial e motivadora! Muitas vezes pequenos pormenores fazem realmente a diferença, seja por nos pôr a refletir sobre determinados assuntos que de outra forma nem sequer nos aperceberíamos, seja pela leitura externa à empresa muito lúcida. 
Continuaremos a colaborar com a Bracing Consulting com certeza.

José Nicolau

José Nicolau

Sócia-gerente da WIND International

Nos projetos que desenvolvemos em conjunto com a Bracing, tem sido possível perceber alguns conceitos-chave em que assenta a atuação de quem representa a empresa e que são críticos para nós. Refiro-me a honestidade, transparência e boa-fé, como ambiente relacional, e rigor, profissionalismo e capacidade crítica, no contexto técnico.  

Esta fórmula leva-nos a encarar a Bracing como um parceiro para a vida empresarial!

Cristina Miguens

Cristina Miguens

Inovador e Empreendedor Social

Trabalhei numa parceria com a Bracing Consulting num pequeno projeto com uma organização social. A Bracing demonstrou sempre muito empenho no projeto e um rigoroso cumprimento de timings, sempre orientados para o perfecionismo.

Tiago Ferreira

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